Triple Drift Driving Experience + Hot Lap - Competition

Triple Drift Driving Experience + Hot Lap - Competition

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The competition winner will be announced on Instagram Live.

Prize Description:

Take the helm of one of our drift prepared vehicles with your own instructor in the passenger seat. They will teach you the essential techniques to go sideways and let those rear wheels spin. Fancy a go at this new and obscure motorsport? Our instructors will show you techniques so you can feel at ease while you power slide in a controlled environment.

The Triple Drift experience will be split up into three sessions to allow some down time to reload & replenish with the option to purchase something to drink/eat from our on-site catering facilities and to reflect on the techniques you are attempting to master. 

This experience consists of the following:

  •  Pre-drive safety briefing.
  •  Demonstration lap
  •  3 driving sessions.
  •  Hot laps (passenger ride) 
  •  Certificate of completion