BLO AIR-S Hand-Held Car Dryer - Competition

BLO AIR-S Hand-Held Car Dryer - Competition

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Prize Description:

The BLO AIR-S is a compact yet powerful hand-held car dryer perfect for motorbikes, bikes and smaller areas on cars such as wheels, grilles, engine bays, mirrors and much more. The AIR-S is small, but mighty, boasting the highest power output of any hand-held car dryer in it's class. It comes with a generous 5m long power cable and 3 nozzles to suit any job.

The AIR-S forces the air in a straight line to increase efficiency and performance, and not from the bottom like most others. To increase airspeed BLO added the largest motor possible for a hand-held but not at the expense of weight which resulted in it not only being the most powerful, but also lightest in it's class.

Despite it's compact size, the BLO AIR-S is one of the smallest car and bike dryers, but also one of the most powerful, offering up to 25% more drying power than some competitors. The efficient 1.5 HP motor is capable of producing warm and filtered air that is up to 25 degrees warmer than ambient temperature, making drying quicker and safer. It features dual air filters to ensure the inner working of the dryer are protected and also no contaminants are blown on to your vehicle.