What NOT TO DO When Detailing Your Car

What NOT TO DO When Detailing Your Car

Detailing is a minefield of products, techniques and stages. Each person likes to do things their own way depending on the time they have and the car they are working on. One thing that will never change however is the things you should NEVER DO when detailing! We have compiled a list of 7 things the team at BecauseRacecarBox think you should never do when attempting to make your vehicle clean, protected and shiny. 


1. DON'T use just one bucket! All you will do here is make a bucket of water very dirty and then transfer all of that dirt straight back onto your bodywork! Using the two bucket method will ensure that you have a bucket of clean soapy water, and one to rinse your dirty cloths or mitts off! 

2. DON'T use household cleaning products! You may be tempted to give that antibacterial spray from your kitchen side a go on your paintwork but whatever you do; don't try it. Many of your usual household cleaning products are not formulated for use on car paintwork and therefore are likely to strip protective wax for your car. Stick to trying out new detail products instead! 

3. DON'T use an abrasive towel! What towel you use on your car is not only going to make a difference to the finished look of your car, but it can also effect your paint-works longevity! Anything you put on your panels can scratch and using an abrasive towel will certainly do the trick. Make sure you use a soft mitt or cloth that will not damage your pride and joy! 

4. DON'T wash a hot car! We all love to wash our cars when the sun is shining and its nice and warm. However this can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to detailing! Not only will it interrupt the cleaning process by making products that are meant to dwell, dry quickly, but it can also leave your car with lots of water marks if the panels dry too much. Another reason to keep your car in the shade on a sunny day when waxing the car is this will be a nightmare to buff off! Trust me - we've tried it! 

5. DON'T use a sponge! This seems like the old school way of washing a car. Grabbing a sponge and dunking it in a bucket of soapy water. This is still commonly seen on driveways but it should never be used! Why? Because you are liable to get A LOT of scratches! A sponge has a flat surface that attracts the dirt and sticks too it. This then means when you put the sponge back on your car, or give it a wipe across your panel you will be scratching the trapped dirt onto your car! The best technique us to use a product with a deep pile that the dirt gets trapped inside! A wash mitt will do the trick! 

6. DON'T use a dropped clay bar or wash mitt! Decontamination techniques are exactly that, ways to decontaminate the grime from your car. If you drop anything of the tools for this onto the ground and then reapply them to your car you are adding it straight back on there. If you drop a wash mitt, you don't have to throw it away, just make sure you give it a really good wash! If you drop a section of clay bar however, please throw this away!! 

7. DON'T tumble dry microfibres! This may seem counterproductive in a sense that things will take a lot longer to dry, however there is method behind the madness! Many detailing microfibres and cloths are made from plastic fibres and putting them in a tumble dryer will fuse the fibres together under the intense heat making them thicker and more likely to scratch your car. Head to the washing line post wash! 


So there you have it, our 7 things NOT TO DO when detailing your car! Got any other suggestions? Give us a message or drop a comment down below!



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