Hybrid Drying Towel

Two New Hybrid Towels Are Launched!

We have just launched TWO new Hybrid Drying Towels which are a really new concept to the UK detailing market! 

Hybrid drying towel Grey

Hybrid drying towel marine

The Hybrid Ultimate towel is a luxury, dual layered and edgeless drying towel made from alternating stripes of twist loop and ultra plush microfibre. This towel showcases the latest in drying towel performance and innovation.

Comprising of a combination between a super absorbent micro twist pile and an ultra plush microfibre, the Hybrid Ultimate ensures a huge amount of water can be retained with no streaks or smears, each time you use it.

The 'Marine' colour is totally exclusive to BecauseRacecarBox and won't be found anywhere else in this exact colour! this colour has a thin striped design perfect for absorbing water quickly!

Marine hybrid drying towel

The 'Grey' Hybrid Towel has a thicker striped design and is great for slow drags across the car to absorb maximum moisture.

Hybrid Drying Towel Grey

Want to get your hands on the latest in drying towel tech? Head to our drying towels collection  now or shop your favourite towel:

- Marine Hybrid Towel

- Grey Hybrid Towel

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