The Pink Detailing Collection Is Here!

The Pink Detailing Collection Is Here!

The Pink Detailing Collection is the first ever all pink collection on the market! Striving to be different to other detailing product companies this collection has a unique look and unique colours.

As an owner of BecauseRacecarBox I am someone who see’s detailing products day in day out, in which I noticed that these are very much aimed towards the male’s within the industry and although many females use them – personally I wanted to create something different. I must stress that this range is inclusive for everyone, however it is aimed at shifting away from the typical ‘male aftershave scents and darker colours and graphics’, into a more pretty looking, pink loving collection for those that prefer it and for those that want something different.

When creating the collection, I wanted it to be less about profit and sales and more about giving back. 20% of every sale made is donated to charity. The charity will vary from time to time to reflect those currently in more need or to support those close to customers hearts.

Creating a more inclusive detailing industry is important to me; it is time to make some changes to create products that suit the tastes of those people that are not currently reflected within the current market. You won’t find the words “bro, lad, fella, sir, guys, mate, gents or chaps” anywhere within the collection, but you will find great products, with fantastic scents and beautiful packaging in the first collection of its kind.

 Leanne x

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