How To Use A Clay Mitt

How To Use A Clay Mitt

Clay Mitt's are becoming ever popular for their ease of use and re-usable perks and we can see why! Claying an entire car can take so long, and if you drop your clay bar it can be an absolute nightmare having to throw so much away. Clay mitts are so much faster to use!

How exactly is the best way to use one though? Take a look at some tips below to make sure you are using your clay mitt effectively! 

1. Wash the entire vehicle, making sure the surface is clean and large particles are rinsed away.

2. Spray a good amount of Clay LubeQuick Detailer or even a soapy water solution on the work area and work one panel at a time.

3. Glide the clay mitt back and forth over the surface in straight lines until a smooth feel is achieved. 

4. Buff each completed section dry with a microfibre or drying towel.

5. If you drop your mitt, or the surface becomes soiled, simply rinse your mitt and scrub using a microfibre towel to clean it before proceeding.

Clay Mitt

Clay Mitt

So there we have it! 5 steps to using your Clay Mitt properly! 

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