How To Use A Clay Bar

How To Use A Clay Bar

We all want to have the shiniest, most contaminant free car around, right? Claying your car doesn't seem to be in everyone's steps when detailing their car and this is often as people are unsure how to actually use a clay bar! In this blog you will find out how to use a clay bar effectively to enhance your shine! 

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First of all, let's address what a clay bar will actually do. It will remove any bonded contaminates on top of the paint-works surface that simply washing the car doesn’t. These contaminants are things such as iron, tar, tree sap, and other industrial fallout. This can leave your paintwork feeling rough to the touch or gritty which can in the long term damage your paintwork. It should be noted that you don't need to worry about claying every time you detail your car; but treating your car to a quarterly claying will really keep your car protected. 

What tools do you need for claying your car? Simply a clay bar and some clay lube (which can be found in August 2019 Subscription Box) and that's it; you are good to go! 

How To Use Your Clay Bar and Lube

1. First off; you need to give your car a good wash. For steps on how to do this prior to claying check out our detailing steps guide

2. Once your car is prepped, break off a manageable size piece (1 inch square) from your clay bar and work the bar into your hands until it is pliable. Then, flatten this into a small disk shape.

3. Work in small sections to begin with, around 1ft x 1ft, spraying your lube on the section you are working on as you go. Starting from the top is always a good place to begin. Next, glide your bar across the paintwork. You don't need to apply any pressure to feel it working, as the clay bar should do the work for you. Gradually as you continue to clay you will feel the surface get smoother. 

4. Once the above step has been completed, fold the clay bar contaminated side inwards together, and you will be left with two clean sides. Repeat the process until you get no contaminants on the bar and move sections. 

Note: if you drop the clay bar on the floor; discard the piece you dropped. 

It really is as simple as that! Make sure you keep spraying your clay lube as you go to help the bar glide! Enjoy! 


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