Cleaning Your Engine Bay

Cleaning Your Engine Bay

Cleaning the engine bay is often one of those tasks that gets either forgotten, or missed out when doing a clean of the car. It's grubby and not seen on a daily basis so we can totally understand! However, it's actually often because not many people know which products to use in the engine bay which is the reason why they are not cleaning it! We have put together a quick blog to give you a few tips! 

Firstly, a safety tip! Don't detail a hot engine. Not only is it unsafe; the contaminates will shift better when just slightly warm so there is no need to leave the engine on for more than 2 minutes before beginning the detailing!

The first product that we recommend to use within the engine bay is a good de-greaser. Like the name suggests these will eliminate grease and grime from around the engine bay that has built up over time. You can agitate areas with a tough detailing brush and then use a microfibre to wipe it off. 

Engine De-Greaser

Next up, going over the entire engine bay with an All Purpose Cleaner is a great way to make sure that you have got all the grime off! Again you can agitate with a tough brush any area's such as bolts etc. Using a microfibre to wipe away the residue will be needed after applying the All Purpose Cleaner as you will want surfaces dry for the next step.

All Purpose Cleaner

Once the engine bay is dry, you will want to using a dressing to leave a rich gloss effect. This will really bring out the engine bay making it look shiny but not tacky/greasy! Use a microfibre to buff the product into the surface.

Engine Dressing

That's it; all the products needed to detail the engine bay! When you are finished you will have some seriously grubby microfibres! Using a microfibre wash will clean them up in no time! 

Microfibre Wash


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