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The Pink Detailing Collection Bundle + Free Microfibre

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Get the full Pink Detailing Collection here! All 11 600ml bottles in the first complete pink detailing range ever PLUS a free pink microfibre! Now includes the new 'Snow Fairy' Air freshener!


1 x 600ml Glass Cleaner 

1 x 600ml Wheel Cleaner

1 x 600ml Interior Cleaner

1 x 600ml Paint Sealant

1 x 600ml Shampoo

1 x 600ml Snow Foam

1 x 600ml Quick Detailer

1 x 600ml Tyre Dressing

1 x 600ml Eau De Opium Air Freshener

1 x 600ml Candy Floss Air Freshener

1 x 600ml Snow Fairy Air Freshener

1 x Microfibre 


*By purchasing this product you are supporting a charity! 20% of all sales go directly to our current chosen cause. Thank you!*

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