Pink Opium Air Freshener
Pink Opium Air Freshener
Pink Opium Air Freshener

Spray Air Freshener - Eau De Opium 500ml

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The Perfume Smelling Air Freshener From The 'Good Vibes Only' Range Will Banish Bad Odours And Leave Your Car Smelling Like Black Opium! 

*By Purchasing This Product You Are Supporting A Charity! 20% Of All Sales Go Directly To Our Current Chosen Cause. Thank You!*


1. Mist Into The Air Or Onto Fabrics.

2. Smell The Long Lasting Perfume Scent. 

*Please Be Careful When Spraying Directly Onto Fabrics. Ensure You Are Spraying At A Distance And Preferably Onto Darker colours - Be Mindful Of The Pink Colouring.

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