MTM Hydro Snow Foam Lance PF-22

MTM Hydro PF-22 SnowFoam Lance 1/4" QR Fitment

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PF22 Professional Foam Lance with Adjustable Air Intake and Fan MTM Hydro. ]
The PF-22 offers adjustable fan blades and an adjustable spray pattern (vertically or horizontally) as it layers thick foam onto your vehicle.
The chemical injection adjustment on the top of the lance allows you to chose more or less solution to be drawn up through the internal chamber from the 1L bottle, increasing or decreasing the density of the foam output.

Inlet G 1/4 F. Type A. Horizontally - 
Vertically Adjustable Foam Jet beam. 
Adjustable Foam jet beam from Straight to Wide.
Over 20 feet of dense Foam Jet. 

Max pressure - 2900psi
Max Temp - 60  °C