Monster Shine GlossLock Sealer Glaze

Monstershine GlossLock Sealer Glaze

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Monster Shine GlossLock Sealer Glaze is 100ml, made with carnauba wax, synthetic gloss enhancers and fillers GlossLock gives amazing filling ability as well as a dripping wet effect. Due to the nature of the hard wax and polymers used it also has the qualities you'd expect from a wax or sealant instead of a regular glaze that won't last past a mild rain shower, this lasts months.

The testing has included up to an hour left on paint on multiple cars and it still comes off like you're buffing nothing at all and the clincher for me that made it perfect above all is that it leaves a super slick surface like you've just used your favourite QD.

Using this one you can forget pre wax cleaners and final topper products adding stages. It will fill swirls, look amazing, leave that slick feel and add protection in one go whether by hand or machine.

Named GlossLock for obvious reasons: It's a sealer glaze, but it does so much it's hard to fit it in one category. It goes beyond AIO, it transcends the pre wax cleanser, regular glaze or liquid wax and the final finish negates the need for a QD after.