Jewels Car Care Amethyst Ceramic Shield Si02

Jewels Car Care Amethyst Ceramic Shield Si02

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Amethyst Ceramic Detailer is a 250ml advanced, industry leading, SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) Infused spray sealant/detailer that produces super high levels of durability with hydrophobic protection.

Easy Spray On & Wipe Off!

Cutting-edge Nano Technology!

Streak Free and Safe for Every Surface!

Brilliant Show Car Shine!

UV Protection - Our coatings protects harmful UV rays breaking down your clear coat & paint.

Anti-corrosion & Anti-oxidation

- Finish Your Vehicle Within 15 Minutes!

... Plus, Results Last up to 3 Months!

How To Use:

1) Spray onto a Clean, Damp (with product) microfibre towel and few sprays onto surface Approx. 40cm x 40cm

2) Gently wipe the surface with Towel to buff in the product.

3) Using either other side of Towel or new towel, wipe product off (before it HAZES/ Dries)

4) Repeat Step 1-3 until entire Vehicle is complete.

5) Let Product Cure for 7 Minutes