Dodo Juice - Future Armour

Dodo Juice Future Armour - Nano Spray Sealant

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Future Armour is a high performance 100ml spray sealant with the advantage of being water-based, so you can use it on wet or dry paint - or even as a fortifier to a pressure washer rinse solution.

It can be used on all trim, side glass and metal components as well as paintwork, wet or dry. No visible residue. You can dilute it 1:1 to 1:10 depending on personal preference. Add some to a foam lance dosing bottle and spray it on. Fill up your pressure washer dosing bottle and blast it all over your car/caravan/horsey box.

It's also very durable (2-4 months longevity on daily drivers) with great beading and sheeting, although we recommend it is levelled/buffed thoroughly with a soft cloth at application because it is so strong in formulation terms. If you don't buff it with a drying towel or buffing cloth, it may cure inconsistently (leading to shiny spots or smears... if this happens, apply a wax over the top to cover the inconsistent finish). Should you struggle to get the best from it neat, dilute it down a bit and try again. It's up to 10x stronger than similar products on the market. And if your black car with old paintwork still begs for mercy, simply re-purpose Future Armour for use as a wheel sealant. All it can do in that role is impress.