Car-Chem All Clean 1 Litre

Car-Chem All Clean 1 Litre

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Car-Chem All Clean is our multifunctional all purpose cleaner, perfect for both interior and exterior surfaces.

A good all purpose cleaner is a staple for any detailers; professional and beginner alike. Car-Chem All Clean is suitable for use on all surfaces including undercarriages, door shuts and all those hard to reach places.

Using Car-Chem All Clean is a great way to keep your vehicle clean with minimal effort. The specialist surfactant technology will break down grease, and dirt with ease making it ideal for engine bay cleaning.

Bulk Liquids will be measured accurately at dispatch. If the final amount is below the estimate, you will be refunded the difference. If the final amount is over the estimate you will get the extra product for free!