Auto Glanz P3 Lite - Ceramic Wheel Coating 30ml

Auto Glanz P3 Lite - Ceramic Wheel Coating 30ml

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P3 Lite Ceramic Wheel Coating is a solvent-based, resin-infused coating which offers an ultra-durable, highly-hydrophobic, self-cleaning, gloss surface. Designed to be easy to work with, in less than ideal conditions. The best wheel ceramic coating for the hobbyist applying at home.

P3 Lite will offer upward of 12 months protection as a stand-alone product from one layer. Further layers can be applied (3 maximum) to increase film thickness and boost durability.

For enhanced durability and self-cleaning ability, Auto Glanz have designed a dedicated top coat to work alongside P3 Lite called SP1. SP1 is a water-based, ceramic boosting spray that actively bonds to the surface of P3 Lite to offer higher self-cleaning effect. SP1 should be reapplied every 2-4 months depending on wash regime and weather conditions and is a simple, spray & wipe product.

2 full layers of P3 Lite, followed by one spray-applied layer of SP1 applied every 3 months can result in 3+ years of protection providing delicate wash techniques are adopted.