Pink Flowerbomb Diffuser
Pink Flowerbomb Diffuser

Pink Coco Mademoiselle Designer Diffuser

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The Pink Detail Master Diffuser Smelling Of The Popular Coco Mademoiselle Scent Is A Great Way To Bring Your Favourite Scent To Your Car. 

With A Glass Base It Leaves A Classy Look To Your Car With A Long Lasting Scent. 

*By Purchasing This Product You Are Supporting A Charity! 20% Of All Sales Go Directly To Our Current Chosen Cause. Thank You!*

How To Use:
Simply Unscrew The Lid And Remove The Plastic Cork. Screw The Lid Back On & Give The Bottle A Gentle Shake & Tip Upside Down For A Couple Of Seconds To Soak The Inside Of The Lid. Ensure You Don’t Do This For Too Long As Some Liquid May Leak Out! 

Whenever You Feel The Scent Is No Longer As Strong As You’d Like, Simply Repeat These Steps Again To Fill Your Car With Your Favourite Pink Scent! 

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*Please note - if you overload the cork, or alternatively do not do up the diffuser tight enough some leakage could occur. Please do not allow liquid to touch any surface and remove as soon as possible if leakages have occurred. We can not be held liable for any damage that could occur from any leaked product.