May 2018 Box

April's box made you lot very happy! We gained loads of new subscribers and so we have ensured that we give you a fantastic May box! 
The brands we have featured this month are;
Not to mention our amazing cloths and air freshener! 
Here is our handy guide on how to use your products, and a little bit about what they do! 
SimpleWax Armour Synthetic Wax
This blend of Armour is a fully synthetic wax, which is exceptional in every way possible.
The pour, the pot, the colour, zero fragrance but most of all the wax itself are outstanding.
If you want gloss and protection to match some of the most impressive water behaviour we have seen, then look no further than Armour.
How to use:
1. Apply a thin even coats to 1-2 panels using a foam applicator
2. Allow to cure for 5 minutes, finger swipe panels to check curing
3. Buff off wax with microfibre cloth
MonsterShine Aqua Gloss Tyre Dressing
MonsterShine’s Aqua Gloss Tyre Dressing is highly effective and premium quality tyre dressing that leaves a glossy finish on your tyres that will last for weeks!
How to use:
1. Apply to clean tyre with a tyre dressing applicator
2. Apply a second layer for increased durability and gloss
BUFF-IT Eco Alloy Wheel Cleaner
Designed for cleaning Alloy wheels or Alloy sided vehicles. BUFF-ITS Eco Alloy Wheel Cleaner is designed with a blend of superior Phosphoric cleaners and contains no aggressive acids. Fast and effective for removing brake dust and deposits including traffic film.
How to use:
1. Spray Eco Alloy Wheel Cleaner on to the surface of the alloy
2. Allow to sit for at least 30 seconds
3. Rinse with clean water
BUFF-IT Ultra Jelly Bean Shampoo
Designed for the washing of all cars, BUFF-ITS Ultra Jelly Bean Shampoo is a high grade pH neutral shampoo designed to safely lift dirt and grime from your paintwork. Can be used on any vehicle exterior surface.
How to use:
1. Pour shampoo into a bucket of warm water.
2. Using a high quality wash mitt wash the vehicle
3. Rinse with clean water
We hope you love this months box! 

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