March's Box Uncovered!

Spring prep is here! The sun is starting to shine and we are quickly approaching show season in which this months box is the perfect set of products for your car! Take a look! 

1. Dunking Biscuit Elixir

Dunking BiscuitElixr is a trim and plastics dressing with a difference. It's bespoke gel formulation restores dull, faded and tired looking trims or plastics to their former glory while adding a deep waterproof shine providing protection for up to 4 weeks. 

2. Monstershine Hybrid Detailer

MonstershineThe hybrid detailer from Monstershine is such an easy quick detailer to use. It is perfect for anything, from light cleaning to long term sealing. This hybrid ceramic detailer performs to a professional standard. 

3. HD Car Care Glass Cleaner

HD Car CareThis glass cleaner is developed to effortlessly remove dirt, dust, road grime and tobacco film from all glass surfaces. It is formulated to allow for a streak-free finish. 

4. Splash Detailing Gloss Shampoo

Splash DetailingThis is a highly concentrated pH neutral shampoo that will gently wash your car without removing any existing wax protection. It contains a high grade lubricated formula which incorporates added carnauba wax. 

5. Dunking Biscuit Gleam

Dunking BiscuitGleam by Dunking Biscuit is a cutting edge All in one Polish that deep cleans, polishes and protects your paintwork. Gleam gently refines your paints surface, correcting and protecting all in one step!

6. 2 x Hanging Air freshener

Ejecto Seato Cuz
Apple Air Freshener
This month's box has two hanging air fresheners! One is an epic quote 'Ejecto Seato Cuz' in a cologne scent and the other is an apple scented BecauseRacecarBox Air Freshener! They both smell amazing! 

So how can you get your box? Head here and order yours now! 

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