March 2018 Box

Hi Guys, 

This month we have an incredible box for you! After the success of last month's we upped it even more! 

Featuring in this month are the below amazing brands:


Keep It Mint

Cosmic Detail

Emoji Fresh

Dodo Juice

...and not to mention the BecauseRacecarBox Nitrile Gloves and Microfibre Cloth! 

So the question is; what actually are the products and how do you use them? See our handy guide below to get the most out of your box! 


Wo-Wo Foam Applicator Pad

The Wo-Wo foam applicator pad has been designed to make product application an easy task. Simply put on your gloves, then put the Dodo Juice wax onto the foam applicator pad and apply. When you have finished with your pad and your car is super shiny, then the foam applicator pad can be rinsed thoroughly in warm water. Next time you want to wax your pad, then it will be ready for you! 


Keep It Mint Quick Detailer

The Keep It Mint Quick Detailer is a long lasting, premium product, designed to provide a hydrophobic barrier. Using cross-linked polymers, it repels dirt, oil and water leaving a smooth finish. 

Pop on your gloves, shake the bottle well before use and then spray onto the surface or onto your microfiber cloth. The Quick Detailer can be used on either a wet or dry car. Do make sure that before you use it, you check the FAQ's on the Keep It Mint website for PPE advice. 


Cosmic Detail 'Stellar' Wheel Detailer

This wheel cleaner has that little extra bite, which sets it apart from a standard paint detailer. A slightly more aggressive product is needed for all that troublesome brake dust and all those contaminants that attach themselves to your prized car. Stellar has been developed for alloy wheels of all types so don't worry, even the most custom finish is safe. 

To use, put on your gloves, spray the wheel detailer over the entire alloy wheel, agitate with a wheel brush and then wipe away. 


EmojiFresh Air Fresheners

These air fresheners smell amazing! We have a mixture available this month, which one did you receive? These will compliment any car interior. All you need to do is take it out of it's packet and hang it wherever you want it! 


Dodo Juice Wax Panel Pot

This month we have got three amazing types for you... Orange Crush, Banana Armour and Rainforest Rub! The 30ml mini-jar is more than enough to do lots of panels - its actually enough to do a normal sized car three or four times, so this will last you ages! The wax smells amazing and it leaves a superb shine every time! 

To use, pop on your gloves, and using the Wo-Wo foam applicator pad, apply to panels. Leave it to cure for about 5-10 mins and then buff away using your microfiber cloth. 

Your BecauseRacecarBox Gloves and Microfibre Cloth are the perfect accessory to use with every product that you received! 

We hope you love your box this month! 



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  • Hi guys I recently used the keep it MINT quick detailer and I absolutely fell in love with it. Where can I purchase the full size bottle . Thanks. Looking forward to may box. Hopefully receive it today . Thanks

    Warren Davids

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