April 2018 Box

Hey Guys!

This months box is an incredible one! We have brought together an amazing collection of brands and products that we know you will love! 

Firstly let me introduce to you the brands that we have got featured!

Mega Mounts

Cosmic Detail


Shiny Garage 


Awesome right!! So you know the brands.. now onto the products and how to use them! We hope this helps.. if you still have any questions on how to use the products then get in touch with us, or head straight to the supplier of the product! 


Mega Mounts Windscreen Magnetic Phone Mount

These are the best phone mounts on the market! The product allows you to dock your phone on your vehicle's windscreen with this fully magnetic car phone holder. 

It has a simple design that allows it to easily mount to your mobile device. The magnet is so powerful yet it will not harm your phone. The universal phone mount is compatible with all smartphones and has 2 metal plates included with it! 


To use: Simply attach one of the metal plates to the back of your phone or in your phone case, use the suction on the mount to attach to the surface and place your phone against the magnetic part of the mount!


Cosmic Detail 'Voodoo' Cleansing Polish

The Voodoo cleansing polish is a gentle abrasive polish that will efficiently remove surface contaminants and light swirling, restoring your paint and leaving a clean and glossy finish ready for application of glazes, waxes and sealants! 


To use:

1. Ensure the surface has been thoroughly washed and dried. 

2. Shake the bottle before use. Use an applicator pad to apply the product sparingly in circular overlapping motions. Apply to one panel at a time. Work the polish in until the residue becomes clear. 

3. Allow to dry to a haze. Once cured, buff away excess with a clean microfiber cloth. 

BUFF-IT Glass Cleaner

BUFF-IT'S Glass cleaner is a professional standard formula used for the cleaning of glass and mirrors. Formulated with a high alcohol level, the glass cleaner will cut through grime and dirt to leave your windows smear and streak free. 

To use: 

1. Spray onto glass or mirrors

2. Buff away using microfiber cloth


Shiny Garage Synthetic Quick Detailer 

This quick detailer is amazing and created in Poland! Its super easy to use and gives great results!

To use:

1. Apply to a cool surface not exposed to the sun.
2. Spray on the paint, spread it using a microfiber, and polish.
3. To get the best effect, finish it up with a clean microfiber.


Shiny Garage Coco Tire Booster

This tire booster gives the perfect shine to your tyres! 


To use:

1. Spray onto the surface of the tyre

2. Using a tyre sponge or cloth, wipe the product into the tyre to give a nice even coating.


We hope you love this box as much as we do! 



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